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Project contact

Kaan Erkan
+90 262 6481402 (phone)
+90 262 6481100 (fax)


The tOSSad project consists of 5 different work packages. You will find information about the 5 work packages below. Should you need to find the project deliverables and achieved results, have a look at the Publications section.

F/OSS study

This Workpackage has the intention of producing a report detailing both the current status of F/OSS adoption in European countries, and the barriers that such future adoption might face.

F/OSS in national programs

This Workpackage aims to start up national programmes for improved usage of F/OSS in some of the target countries and develop guidelines that will be used for F/OSS adoption in the public sector.

F/OSS usability study

The major objectives of this Workpackage are to tackle the obstacles and leading to a breakthrough of usability in F/OSS, by assuring that usability will be paid more attention in F/OSS in the future.

F/OSS curriculum development

The proposed Workgroup gathers partners with deep and complementary knowledge in software engineering, university curricula development, e-learning and collaborative learning, application of open source methodology and business models to real world problems.